Surviving a Bachelor Bash in Cartagena: Sun, Sand, and Shenanigans

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Dive into the ultimate Cartagena bachelor party guide! Discover yacht parties, salsa dancing, exclusive beach clubs, and the best ceviche spots. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure with tips to party wisely and create lasting memories.

“Surviving a Bachelor Bash in Cartagena: Sun, Sand, and Shenanigans”

Gentlemen, and those who barely qualify, welcome to the guide for navigating a Cartagena bachelor blowout! Here’s where we blend the rich culture of Colombia with the antics of your closest, and admittedly, rowdiest friends.

Setting Sail on the Caribbean… Or Capsizing

Kick things off with a yacht party in Cartagena’s bay. Now, I’d recommend not letting Dave be the captain; we all remember the kiddie pool incident. Opt instead for a local, experienced skipper, so your crew can focus on… other maritime activities.

Salsafied Shenanigans

Sure, you might dance like a rubber chicken in a blender, but that’s no reason to skip the salsa clubs! Cartagena has some of the best. Remember, the objective is to channel your inner Shakira, not scare away the locals.

Beach Bloopers

Don’t head to Playa Blanca, it’s a tourist trap. Instead try out a beach club such as Paue, Makani, Blue Apple or Fenix Beach and let the beach games begin. From a wild volleyball match to frisbee, it’s all fun until someone (probably Dave) mistakes a sunbathing tourist for a sand dune. Sunscreen and apologies might be in order.

Culinary Craziness at Cevicherias

While Cartagena boasts of exquisite ceviche spots, always double-check before daring a friend to eat the spiciest thing on the menu. You want memories, not gastronomic war stories.

Chivalry at Chivas

Experience the local party buses called Chivas. Load up with your crew and enjoy the rhythm of the streets. Warning: dancing on the seats can be hazardous. It’s all fun and games until someone’s underwear ends up on a street lamp.

Recovery at Rosario Islands

After all the ruckus, take a chill pill at Rosario Islands. Soak in the sun, sea, and silence. You might need this tranquility as a buffer before you all head home and face the aftermath of your escapades.


A Cartagena bachelor party is all about sunburns, salsa, and stories you’ll retell (or hide) for a lifetime. To all future grooms and their wolf packs, remember: what happens in Cartagena might end up on social media, so party wisely! 😉

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