5 Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena: A Sun-Kissed Getaway

Top 5 best beach clubs Cartagena

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Cartagena, is not just famed for its colonial architecture, but also for its sun-soaked beaches that promise unparalleled luxury and relaxation. Amidst its golden sands and azure waters lie some of the best beach clubs.

Cartagena, with its vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning Caribbean coastline, is a dream destination for sun worshippers and beach enthusiasts. Amidst its captivating beauty, several beach clubs have sprouted, offering luxurious experiences to those looking to relax, dine, and revel by the seaside. Here’s our curated list of the 5 best beach clubs in Cartagena.


1. Makani 

Heavenly Vibes

Located just a short boat ride away from Cartagena’s busy center, Makani promises a tranquil retreat. It is known for its ethereal beauty, drawing inspiration from Bali’s serene beach clubs.


  • Ambiance: Bohemian chic decor with thatched roofs and wooden lounges.
  • Cuisine: Offers a delectable fusion of local flavors and international dishes.
  • Specialty: Enjoy their sunset yoga sessions followed by signature cocktails at the beachfront bar.


2. Pa ue 

Relaxation meets fun

Pa ue is where the party meets the beach chill. Situated amidst Isla Grande’s picturesque setting, it’s a lively venue with music, dance, and high spirits.


  • Ambiance: Trendy, Tulum aesthetics with great music and a young crowd.
  • Cuisine: Satisfy your taste buds with a mix of seafood and local Colombian.
  • Specialty: Known for having some of the Island’s best beach parties.


3. Blue Apple 

The Tranquil Oasis

A short boat ride from Cartagena, Blue Apple stands out with its private ambiance and focus on sustainability. It’s a perfect destination for couples or anyone looking for a fun and peaceful escape.


  • Ambiance: Minimalist design with an emphasis on open spaces and natural elements.
  • Cuisine: Farm-to-table concept, with fresh ingredients sourced locally.
  • Specialty: Dive into their infinity pool overlooking the azure sea, with a cocktail in hand.


4. Fenix Beach 

A Beachfront Fantasy

Combining the rustic charm with modern luxury, Fenix Beach is the perfect blend of Cartagena’s historic spirit and contemporary elegance.


  • Ambiance: Lush greenery, cozy cabanas, and hammocks swaying in the breeze.
  • Cuisine: Savory delights from fresh seafood to gourmet international dishes.
  • Specialty: Rent a private cabana and indulge in a spa treatment with the sound of waves as your backdrop.


5. Bora Bora

Party Island Paradise

Bora Bora is Cartagena’s slice of party paradise, offering visitors a taste of the tropical Caribbean fun  without leaving the Colombian coast.


  • Ambiance:  An oasis where you will feel the good vibes and the careful attention of our staff. A magical, stimulating and constant party atmosphere.
  • Cuisine: Exquisite seafood dishes, taking full advantage of the Caribbean’s rich bounty.
  • Specialty: Opt for a private beachfront massage or explore the surrounding coral reefs with snorkeling gear.

Conclusion: Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape or a beach party, Cartagena’s beach clubs have something for every traveler. Whichever you choose, unforgettable memories, stunning sunsets, and the refreshing Caribbean breeze await you. Dive in and let Cartagena captivate your senses.


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